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Frequent asked question

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Please call 618-635-7056 and talk to sales

Please check our website weekly. We update once a week.

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

There is a donation bucket in the main office you can throw a buck into!!

Yes! We have a port-a-potty on the lot and visitors are always welcome!

please call 618-635-7056. we do appraisals you will have to bring your car here and it will cost $100.00

Sorry all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE

Yes, please keep on a leash. Thank You

Yes, we verify that every vin matches the title. If it has a problem we get them inspected and send them off to the state for a new title


We sell to other states, but you will take the title to register the car in your state. We only do Illinois registrations.

Sorry, but No we will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday that week.

Please call 618-635-7056, the sales department will be able to describe any vehicle. Thank You

Please call and speak with a salesmen.


they are bought and sold as/is. We will check fluids before they ship out and air up tires but we dont do any major work

Yes, we sell cars overseas all the time.

We do not provide in house financing. We can recommend JJ Best Banc and Company.

You will have to select a make then select trucks

I can contact our ITA support and see. Sorry for any inconvense.

If you live in the state of illinois then we do a temp license plate, if you are out of state we can issue a 30 day drive away permit for $10

Yes, if you purchase a vehicle from us we can issue 1 permit $10 good for 30 days to out of state buyers.

We have a couple of shipping brokers. You can call Fastrack at 636-677-9004 or Kelli Barton at 903-239-3054. Thanks

We will accept Visa or Mastercard. But only if you are here on our lot. Also there is a 2% charge for using the credit card.


Please call and we can recomend someone.


Please call 618-635-7056 or email Thank You

We recommend a lady out of TX for shipping

We are located right off I-55 exit # 41.

We will not release a vehicle until it is paid in full. We do take a deposit, $500 to hold a week. Any questions please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

We will accept credit cards if you are here purchasing the vehicle, we do not take credit cards over the phone. There is also a 4% fee for running the credit car.

AS long as you have a valid drivers license we do let you test drive.

We do buy cars and we do trades for vehicles 1970 and earier. Please call 618-635-7056 for all details.

Tax is only charged to a Illinois resident, or if you come here and are from the state of Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Mass, Michagin, South Carolina.

We do, you will have to bring the vehicle here. We charge $100.00

No sorry, we don't get any motorcycles


No we do not in house finance. We can recommend a few places that finance vehicles.  Please call 618-635-7056, or email


Thank You

We do not have in house financing. We recommend JJ Best Banc and Co. Phone # 800-USA-1965.

We do not do any financing but have a couple of companies we can refer you to. Please call 618-635-7056 for more information.

Please call 618-635-7056 and talk to the sales department. Thank You

No we do not. Any questions, please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

We update our website once a week. If we have any they will be on here. Please just keep checking or call 618-635-7056 and ask sales. Thanks!

Sorry, not hiring right now!

We do not have in house financing, but we do recommend a company called JJ Best Financing. Their phone number is 800-U
SA-1965. Thanks

We take deposits $500 to hold a week. Paid in full within 60 Days

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

We go to vehicle auctions all around. keep a eye on our website, we update every tuesday!!

No, please call 618-635-7056 and sales may be able to get you one. thanks

Yes, all prices are negotiable.

Best bet is to keep a eye on our website. We update it once a week

Sorry we do not rent out our vehicles due to insurance reasons

No Sorry, our insurance does not allow us to rent out the cars.

Sorry we don't do any repairs. Thank You

We do have a consignment program. please call 618-635-7056 and ask about our consignments. Thank You

We have a consignment procedere. Please call for information 618-635-7056. Thank You

yes, we sell cars all over the country. If you buy we can get you in touch with a shipping broker.

Yes, we have access to a couple shipping companies that can ship anywhere in the world. Please cal 618-635-7056 for their information. Thank You

We have shipping companies we can refer to you, that ship anywhere even overseas. Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

We Recommend a ETEX Transport LLC out of TX (903)239-3054 her name is Kelli

Yes, we have shipping companies we car refer to you

We do have some shipping brokers we can put you in touch with and yes, I believe if you would want a video we could do that. Thanks

Please call the office 618-635-7056

We can ship to any port in the US, and we do have shipping brokers that will help you get the car overseas


We have a shipping broker we could recommend to you, we do ship overseas all the time

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You!


We do trades. Please call 618-635-7056 and talk to one of our salesmen about what you have to trade. Thank You

Please call 618-635-7056, or email

Please call the office to discuss this.




The State of Illinois does not have inspections for vehciles.

We can set you up with a shipping broker to help get the vehicle to Germany. I'm not to sure how much it would cost. You can call Kelli Barton at 903-239-3054. She can help you. Thank You

We charge a $1.00 donation in the front office

We do not offer in house financing, but we recomment JJBest Banc and Co.

no sorry, we do not

The email was down for a couple days and they may have got lost in all the email. Sorry for any inconvenience

We accept Cash, Cashiers Check, Wire Transfer. Personal check (but we hold the car for 2 weeks) or credit card if you are hear and we charge 4% fee.

If it is payed in full we can keep it here for a while. You would want to discuss that with your sales men.

Please call 618-635-7056 or email Thank You

No, there will be no tax or title paid to us in Illinois. When you registure the car in TX that is when you will pay tax. Thank You

You are more then welcome to arrange anyone who is a inspector. We have a few numbers, please email if you are interested. Thank You

Some scammer used our name for their credit card recipets. We did not charge or recieve any money. Please contact your credit card company

Sorry, no. Some scammer has put our information their credit card reciept. We have not recieved any of your funds for any tools. Please contact your credit card company. Thanks

Are you sending them to The guys check the emails all day long. not sure if it is going into spam or not. If you would like you can ask on here and I will send it over to the guys. Thank you

 Please call (618)635-7056 and talk to a salesman. Thanks!

Since you are in Wisconsin, yes we will give you the title, but it will have to be filled out in your name or whomever will be signing the purchase agreement. 

If you don't see one, please call 618-635-7056 and a salesman can tell you forsore if we have one.


Sorry, we can not provide you with transportation but their are taxis and uber you can get here,

All cars must be paid in full with either cash, cashiers check, or a loan check. Car will not be released without payment in full.

Please call the office and they can explain this process to you.



We do not have in house financing. we recommend JJ Best Banc & Co. Thank You

Yes, we sell vehicles over the phone or internet all the time. you can call 618-635-7056. thank You


We have salesman, if you need more information please call 618-635-7056, or email Thank You

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

Thank You, and NO We are open and still running. Thank you

There is a donation can in the main office. $1.00 per person. Thank you

ps-power steering, pb-power brakes,pu-pick up

There is a $1 donation bucket in the main office.

Please call 618-635-7056 for any vehicle information. Thank You

Yes, we are now in then new building!!

We are in Staunton Illinois along Interstate 55

Please call 618-635-7056 or email Thank You

sorry we dont deal with any parts. Thank you

Please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

Yes, you can call 618-635-7056. Thank You! Good Luck hope you locate it

St Louis, MO Lambert Airport  we are about 40 miles away on interstate 55

Roughly about $3,000 US dollars. We can put you in touch with a shipping agent that will be able to give you a exact price. Thank You

Please call 618-635-7056

We Charge $100 Document fee on ALL sales

All prices are negotiable. Please call 618-635-7056.

we do not restore any vehicles, we buy as is and sell as is. Thank You

We do not restore our vehicles, we buy them as is and sell them as is. Thank You

If you came in to buy the car we would have to charge you 6.25% Sales Tax. You would then pay the differance when you registured the vehicle. If you purchased over the phone and had it shipped, there would be no tax due.

we have shipping companies we can recommend to you. They can ship to anyplace in the world. For more info please call 618-635-7056. Thank you!

We have a few shipping brokers we could put you in contact with.We will only deliever ourselves if you were close to us.

We have a shipping broker we can recommend. Please call 618-635-7056

We have a couple of shipping brokers we would refer to you. They can ship anywhere is the US and overseas. For more information please call 618-635-7056. Thank You

Please call 618-635-7056, or email

We do not ship ourselfs, but can give a shipping reference. Barton Moving Specialist (903) 239-3054.

depending on where you live we have to charge tax.

They are not the vehicle vin #'s, not sure why, but the website assigns these numbers. Please call for any vins. 618-635-7056. Thank You

Cash or Cashiers check only for car sales.We will accept personal check, however the car and title must remain on the lot until the personal check has cleared your bank.

Please call 618-635-7056 or email for any vehicle questions. Thank You

If you live in Illinois we will have to charge Tax and title fees. There are 9 states that if  you are here to buy a vehicle will have to charge your sales tax rate.

We take $500 to hold a car a week. You can call 618-635-7056 and the sales men will let you know. Thanks

Rough guess $.80 per mile. If you called and gave us a zip code, we could get  you a exact cost right to your door. Thanks

All Vehicles sold AS/IS No Warranty

We have 5 large show rooms full of antique vehicles, and we have a small gift shop with shirts and route 66 merchanise. Everything is for sale.

Please call 618-635-7056 and talk to sales. thank You!

If you are wanting to take the vehicle home with you that day you will need cash or a cashiers check. We will need to verify your cashiers check with the issuing bank before it can leave. We will accept personal check but the vehicle must stay here till the check clears. We will also take visa or mastercard but there will be a 4% fee added to the sale. Wire transfer are also good if purchasing over the phone but they take 2 days to complete

I'm sorry you had issue. We had to switch to a new website. Sorry it wasn't coorperating. I check and I was able to view our cougars with  no problems. Maybe there was just a glitch. Sorry for any issue.


all the vehicles are used vehicles. It must be on the ad by mistake.

Please call 618-635-7056, Im just the office worker and I know nothing about the vehicles. Sales could help you. thank you

Sorry, we have been trying to make it user friendly. We had to  update in order to keep up with the changes. Sorry for any inconvense.

Sorry you car disatisfied with us. If this is about our website we have tried to fix alot of things, we have our tech guys trying to figure out a solution. Sorry for any inconvenense.

Select the Make you want to look at and they are under truck. Thank You

If you are buying a vehcile from us. We would first need to get all your information on a buyers agreement and have you sign it. Checks are made payable to Country Classic Cars.


We refer customers to BK Moves-Kelli Barton. She is a broker out of texas

Mileage on a vehicle 10 years and older are considered EXEMPT. We can not prove that they are exact miles unless we have a odometer statements signed by the previous owner, therefore to prevent any false statements we do not disclose the odometer.

I'm not sure which vehicles you are talking about, we update once a week. Please let me know and I will take it down. Sorry for any troubles.

I am going to call our website designer and will get it check out, sorry for any inconvenice. 

Please call 618-635-7056 or email for any vehicle questions. Thanks

Personal Check 2 week hold no matter what that is our company policy. Sorry, You can purchase a cashier check come with that and we can verify it same day and you can leave same day.

Our phone number is 618-635-7056