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Let Us Sell Your Car

  • In Business Since 1997
  • 35-45 Cars Sold Monthly
  • "A" Rating With The BBB
  • Extensive Advertising
  • Free Inside Storage
  • Friendly Experienced Staff
  • Over 600 Cars For Sale

Consignment Procedure

  • The vehicle must be TITLED IN YOUR NAME. Please check the VIN (vehicle identification number) and be sure it is the same on the vehicle AND title. If it does not match, or you cannot locate it on your vehicle we will not consign the vehicle.
  • DO NOT SIGN THE BACK OF YOUR TITLE. We will keep the title here with your Power of Attorney so that when we sell your vehicle, we will then sign the back of the title. We cannot have a signed title
  • Consider the amount you would like to sell your car for. We will make a minimum of $1000.00 if stored outdoors, or a minimum  of $1500.00 is stored inside. If possible, we would like to make more. There is no additional complicated percentage due to us.
  • We spend a considerable amount of time and money selling your vehicle; therefore we would like to keep it at least 3 months. Anything longer is fine with us, but if you pick it up early, there will be an early pick up fee of $250.00.
  • Please check the antifreeze as we are not responsible for safe levels.
  • We do not have insurance on your vehicle. Please retain your insurance. We are not responsible for your vehicle.